March 2019 Update

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Brave bold leadership is the foundation of any politician and growth of a state and country.  The problem is those skill set in politicians is rare as power usually corrupts those in political position.  

The great Republican leader Abraham Lincoln once said:

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

John Hanger from for Governor in Pennsylvania in 2014 but dropped out when the polls showed he had no shot at winning.  Part of Hanger’s platform was helping seniors plan for Long Term Care as he knew the Medicaid office in Pennsylvania spent more than 100 million in 2012 alone.  His idea was to play off the Pennsylvania Long Term Care Partnership program enacted in 2007 and would give Pennsylvania residents an incentive to buy hybrid long term care insurance.

Hanger said that the hybrid long term care insurance plans that were out would give a tax free death benefit in the forms of life insurance if the person never needed care.  Leadership, back to the point of this blog is critical in making change to long term care systems that have been in places for decades.

Hanger proposed that the Pennsylvania Insurance Department approve the modern hybrid long term care insurance plans that have taken the insurance market by storm.  Running on senior type issues will be critical to electing politicians into power and this hybrid long term care insurance idea Hanger had should draw people to the polls if he decides to run again in November 2020.

The questions for Hanger will be if he can handle adversity properly if he ever does gain power that the wise Abe Lincoln echoed years ago.

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