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The People's Campaign ends, but the work continues
Mar 13, 2014

Since there is no longer a path to victory in the Democratic primary, I am withdrawing my candidacy for Governor of Pennsylvania. This decision disappoints my great campaign team and me, as well as thousands of our supporters. But we have tried every possible means to find a way to...

Legalize and Tax Marijuana - Read our three step reform plan

John Hanger, a proven leader, has spent 29 years improving Pennsylvania’s economy and environment, fighting for working families and growing clean energy.

John knows that Pennsylvania’s prosperity depends on a strong middle class that is under attack by Tom Corbett. And to succeed, working families need excellent public EDUCATION, an ECONOMY with good paying jobs, clean, affordable ENERGY, and an ENVIRONMENT with clean air and water.

An agenda for all Pennsylvanians


stop funding cuts

Restore $1 billion Corbett cut from public schools. Fund early childhood education. Stop funding poor performing charter schools.

Head of the Class


it's about growth

Implement the Eight-Point Strategic Jobs Plan for Pennsylvania. Support unions for a stronger, fairer economy.

Let's Grow


clean and efficient

Enact a reasonable drilling tax. Double renewables and energy efficiency.

Smart Energy


protection is key

Launch Growing Greener III. Increase oversight of gas drilling. Upgrade sewer and water systems.

Help Protect

Health Care

expand Medicaid

Create state health care exchanges.
Increase mental health funding.
Implement a single-payer system.

Freedom and liberty

protecting basic rights

Ensure marriage equality for all couples. Protect reproductive choice. Legalize marijuana.

Your Freedom