March 2019 Update

Brave bold leadership is the foundation of any politician and growth of a state and country.  The problem is those skill set in politicians is rare as power usually corrupts those in political position.   The great Republican leader Abraham Lincoln once said: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test […]

The 11 Greatest Business Leaders of All Time

There have been millions of successful entrepreneurs throughout the world. These were men who took capital and made gain. They made profound decisions that uplifted societies and yielded massive financial gain for themselves. And yet, to choose the best ten from so many candidates would be a momentous task. Through the hourglass of history, we […]

8 Greatest Political Leaders of All Time

People who a distinct flair and ability to lead have roamed the world. These were individuals who exhibited sheer charisma, nurturing crowds to the tune of millions. They helped write the legacy of their generation and shaped the future of the next generations. They influenced like no other had done before, driving both cause and […]

11 Meaningful Qualities of a Great Leader

“Great leaders are born, not made.’ At least that’s what they say. Across history, we have all seen or heard of great leaders, the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. These were individuals who were bigger than the political parties that they represented. Of course, many of the leaders serving […]

5 Biggest Political Scandals in the History of the United States

Political scandal in the United States are like shooting stars. Every number of years, a scandal of dramatic proportions unfolds and consumes the public’s interest. Media outlet, political opponents, and conspiracy theorists are always on the lookout for the next conflict. In the recent political history of the United States, the biggest scandals have been: […]

Train Yourself to Be a Leader

If you don’t believe you were born to lead, then you should at least learn to do so. People in leadership positions have the ability to influence, cultivate a distinct personal image, and are privy to numerous benefits. In any situation in life, being able to provide leadership can be crucial to your personal or […]