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I can’t wait for the first Democratic gubernatorial debate

I was happy to be the first to accept the invitation to debate other Democratic candidates for governor from Harrisburg Hope, a grassroots community organization. The debate will be held June 5 at 6:00 p.m. at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg.

Since last November when I launched my campaign to defeat Tom Corbett, I have been travelling the Commonwealth, meeting with people of all kinds who are concerned about their communities and their futures. I began my campaign with solid ideas about what we need to do to create jobs, strengthen public education, build healthy communities, fix roads and bridges and protect the individual liberty of all Pennsylvanians. I have been gratified to find that people all across the state agree with my vision for Pennsylvania, and they’ve helped me to refine my plans and ground them in their day-to-day realities.

I have the fact-base plans, the know-how and experience to implement them and the compassion to be the best governor. You can see me make the case in this video and you can find the information on my campaign website.

I relish the opportunity to share my plans and my background in the setting of a debate. I hope to see you in the audience on June 5th. Come prepared with your questions.

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