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An Energy Policy That Works

In the decades before Governor Corbett took office, Pennsylvania had pursued bipartisan energy and environmental initiatives to save money for electricity consumers, become a leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and protect the state’s gorgeous rural regions and small towns. The Corbett administration has squandered the state’s energy advantage. It has failed to capitalize on the economic potential of cheap and abundant natural gas. It has abandoned renewable energy and energy efficiency and did not defend Pennsylvania's wind energy jobs. It has refused to establish a natural gas tax sufficient to pay for the impact of industry development on infrastructure and existing rural industries, as well as support essential educational and environmental investments. Underlying the administration’s positions is an extremism that combines hostility to government with uncritical embrace of deep-pockets political contributors.

Using the pragmatic formula that has made John Hanger a national leader on energy, the Hanger administration will create thousands of energy jobs and knows that Pennsylvania is an energy powerhouse. It will also modernize our energy and tax policies.

  • Establish reasonable taxes on natural gas drilling: Every other state with natural gas—including Texas, Louisiana, and Wyoming imposes reasonable taxes on its extraction. Pennsylvania should do the same.
  • Seize Pennsylvania’s powerful energy advantage by establishing fueling and charging stations for electricity, gas, and diesel statewide, cutting dependence on imports, and removing the oil drag from our economy.
  • Increase demand for alternative energy and energy conservation: strengthen Pennsylvania’s Advanced Energy Portfolio Standard by increasing electricity from renewables; extend and expand the state’s energy efficiency initiatives established with bipartisan support under Governor Rendell.
  • Establish an ombudsman's office to receive and investigate citizen complaints about gas drilling.
  • Commence a formal investigation to identify cost effective measures that would protect our grid from storm damages.
  • Support research for implementation of carbon capture and storage technology.

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