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An agenda for Pennsylvania women

The Center for American Progress recently released The State of Women in America, a state-by-state evaluation of how women are faring in health care, economics and leadership. According to the report, Pennsylvania women still have a long way to go. And policy is crucial to giving women the tools they need to succeed.

The report gives Pennsylvania a C- and ranks it 28th in the nation for the well-being of women. The Commonwealth earned a D+ for women’s economic security with the report finding that women earn only $.76 for every dollar a man earns; 15 percent of Pennsylvania women live in poverty; and, Pennsylvania does not provide for paid family, medical or temporary disability leave.

Women’s health is essential to their families yet 11 percent of non-elderly women are uninsured; there is only one OB/GYN for every 19,656 women; and, Pennsylvania puts up restrictive barriers to accessing reproductive health care.

When women thrive, their families, communities and the economy thrive. I will implement an aggressive agenda for women’s success. Here are some elements:

  •  Affirm women's right to reproductive choice;
  • Enact single-payer universal healthcare;
  • Increase minimum wage;
  • Strengthen protections for victims of sexual and domestic violence;
  • Increase funding for Child Care Works to eliminate the waiting list;
  • Expand Medicaid;
  • Increase penalities for human trafficking;
  • Strengthen child abuse laws;
  • Allow for termination of parental rights when a child or other parent was a victim of the perpetrating parent who is convicted of serious crimes;
  • Increased funding for child advocacy, domestic violence and rape crisis centers funded from $5 fee assessed on defendants in domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse cases;
  • Allow victims of domestic violence to petition for temporary Protection From Abuse orders remotely;
  • End LGBT discrimination;
  • Allow same-sex marriage; and,
  • Reinvigorate the PA Commission for Women and charge it with promoting economic opportunity for women.


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commented 2013-12-24 02:12:42 -0500 · Flag
Thank you
commented 2013-10-21 06:58:36 -0400 · Flag
This position is well thought out and will be of great value to ALL the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Keep up the good work, John!

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