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Kelly Jean McEntee for State Representative supports John Hanger for Governor

Kelly Jean McEntee is an Engineer, Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Advocate, and a Candidate for Representative in the General Assembly, District 105 in 2014.

MY GOAL: $500.00

John is the only true Progressive in the PA Gubernatorial race. Before any other candidates, he was supplying policy on how to turn Pennsylvania's lagging economy around, all available on this website. This includes using his nearly 30 years of true and successful Public Policy experience (unmatched by any other candidate in this race) to save our public schools, bring jobs to this state, and realistically address energy issues. No one in this race knows more about energy resources than John. In addition, his commitment to a New Birth of Liberty, here in the seat of Liberty, crosses party borders, speaking to all voters who care to see individual liberties preserved. I ask those not registered as Democrats to please consider changing your registration to Democrat before April 21st so that YOU can have a say in who will be the next Governor of Pennsylvania. John Hanger IS the BEST next Governor of Pennsylvania!

Kelly Jean McEntee for State Representative endorsed 2013-11-12 13:14:22 -0500
I choose to endorse the Candidate with a Plan for Pennsylvania, a Plan for successful education for our state’s children, a Plan to employ out of work Pennsylvanians, a Plan to turn our economy around, a Plan to secure our individual Liberties. That candidate is John Hanger for Governor.


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